We provide monitoring for existing telephone lines as well as cellular systems. Whether you’re ready to update to cellular monitoring, need monitoring for your existing system or just are ready to make a change to work with our team, we’re ready to hear from you! Our monitoring station is local in Tempe, with 24/7 access to a live professional. Our rates can’t be beat, our service is exceptional and you aren’t locked into any contracts, so you can join or cancel our team at any time. 

    • Local 24/7 telephone line monitoring for existing alarm systems 
    • Cellular monitoring by these manufactures, allowing us to monitor your alarm today

Central Station Monitoring

Central Station Monitoring is a process that enhances your local alarm siren. When an alarm is generated at your premise, the local alarm is used to attract attention. With a Central Station Monitoring connection, you now have another method of getting the attention you need.

By using your regular phone line, or a cellular connection, your alarm system makes a digital phone call to the central station receiver. Once the receiver connects to your system, data is transferred in seconds, describing the type of alarm generated, and what response is needed.

The central station will call your premises to verify the alarm was not tripped accidently. If there is no one present, or the person on-site does not know a predefined PASSWORD, the central station will contact the parties on your call back list. If no one is available, then they will dispatch the Police.
If a valid PASSWORD is received, the process ends there.

If your system incorporates smoke & fire protection, these alarms are also sent to the central station. Typically, the central station will dispatch the Fire Department without calling the premise first. This allows a faster response by the Fire Department.

Medical & Panic alarms are also part of Central Station Monitoring.

Central Station Monitoring is a cost effective way to Reduce Your Insurance Premiums. Most insurance companies give discounts to homeowners who:
1) have a Security System, and 2) have it Monitored.

We offer local central station monitoring, low monthly rates with no long term contract to sign.

We’d love to earn your business so call or send us a message from our Contact Us page and let’s talk!

A Better Choice In Security

Every solution, big or small, starts with a local security specialist
who works with you to customize a security system for your home
or business.

Keep an eye on your home or business from every angle via live feed you can access anywhere from your phone.

Receive real-time text alerts if a door is left open, a window
breaks or an alarm is triggered.

Receive 24/7 monitoring support from a local company with
first-class support

Let us monitor your existing system for less
No contracts
Set monthly fees
You own your equipment